Day One of 365 Holidays – Brisbane to Johannesburg

17 Aug

‘Want another mango ice block, they’re really hard. Descent in 29 minutes.’ These are not the dulcet tones of a cute ‘Singapore girl’ rather the gruff bark of a decidely large, mature-aged Qantas cabin attendant. I hadn’t wanted the first mango ice block and I certainly don’t want a second when the plane’s cabin temperature is 5 degrees Celsius and I’ve run out of items of clothing to put on to control the shivering.

It must be nerves – the guys across the aisle have only T-shirts on. As exciting as it is to give up the daily grind for solo adventures in Southern Africa and Spain, it comes with a level of stress that explains the cramping pain in my left shoulder and the tears welling up from time to time. Breathe deeply and let go…..

I remind myself of some sage advice from a gutsy 90-year-old: ‘Prepare well then go with the flow’. I’ve prepared as well as I can, now it’s time to let the story unfold.

No gut wrenching failed relationships (‘Eat, Pray,Love’) or mid-life crisis (‘Tales of a Female Nomad’) precipitated this journey, just the realization that as a 55-year-old woman with a loving family and decent assets I have a tiny window of opportunity before grand-parenting and filial duties kick in. Happily my husband saw it the same way.

We’d weathered inundation by the January Brisbane River flood and a cancer scare to get me to this point so by God I am going to make the most of every second of it!

Wheels are coming down now, electrical devices away….


2 Responses to “Day One of 365 Holidays – Brisbane to Johannesburg”

  1. Millie August 25, 2011 at 5:47 am #

    I can’t believe you turned down a mango ice block! Hope you arrived safely 🙂

  2. Kajsa August 25, 2011 at 5:49 am #

    Hi Sharon,

    I really enjoyed your first blog entry on your new adventure. I can totally understand how you feel, since I remember the day I left Sweden deciding to go and live and study down under. It felt all good when planning but the closer it got I got nervous and wondering, “Am I’m doing the right thing”. I guess we all have doubts, but one thing I promised myself I would never forgive myself for not trying. There is always a place to go back to but you have to take the chance whilst you can. Now 6yrs after I definately don’t look back. I have met my lovely husband and have a great job and friends. Although I miss my family and friends, we are lucky now adays that we have so much communcation help and can even see each other when talking, how amazing skype is.

    Wish you all the best Sharon and look forward to hear more about your adventures, I’m sure you will have a lovely time

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