Malaga Minibreak

3 Oct

Spanish rail is ideal for solo travellers, it’s reasonably priced, clean, fast and mostly runs on time. It’s taken me to Seville, Jerez and now Malaga, 2.5 hours from Seville.

My accommodation, Hotel Salles, was five minutes walk from Malaga old town, two square kilometres of well maintained cobbled streets with antique tiled bars, cafes, restaurants, shops and churches. Other parts of the city off the tourist track are decidedly run down but here high end brand stores stand next to venerable institutions like El Patio.

One weekend doesn’t make me an expert but the north African influence is evident in more than the architecture, it’s in the faces of the people, the food and the tea shops. Malagueños seem to me rather like the French in Marseilles, a bit rougher round the edges than Sevillanos, brasher and with a broader accent. They love their wood fire grilled sardines, San Miguel beer and ice cream.

Highlights of the weekend were the well-preserved Alcazar with its many water features, the Picasso Museum in a stunning palacio and the bodegas off Plaza de la Constitucion. (Plaza de la Merced was being renovated.)

Malaga-born Picasso never returned from the time he was 19 years old but that doesn’t stop them claiming his every success as their own – he is a major Malaga industry. Malaga seems to have better buskers and street art than Seville, the three violinists playing Baroque music next to a frozen yoghurt shop were professionals. Made me wonder what their story is.

Lowlight of the weekend was the flamenco show. Enough said about that experience.

Sunday I took a taxi to Pedregalejo Beach, 4 kilometres along the coast from Malaga. It’s a long stretch of black sand dotted with beachfront seafood restaurants. On the horizon tankers were moored and the container port of Malaga was in the distance. I looked at the local families on the beach and wondered if they had ever been to a pristine white sandy beach such as Australians take for granted. Once you have you’re spoilt for life.
























2 Responses to “Malaga Minibreak”

  1. Charmaine October 4, 2011 at 2:02 am #

    Hi Sharon – loving your blogs! And the photos are the icing on the cake!

    • Sharon Tickle October 10, 2011 at 6:03 am #

      Thanks Charmaine. I should have a better quality camera but ipads don’t have USBs so it’s easier to work with the iphone photos.

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