Some of my favourite things about Seville: #2 Mi Bicicleta

21 Oct

Seville must be one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world. Given its flat topography, kilometres of bicycle lanes, and, in my experience, drivers who generally respect your presence on the road where there are no bicycle lanes, you’ll see young families cycling alongside octagenarians. Seville must rival Amsterdam for the number of bicycles per capita.

I hadn’t ridden a bicyle more than a few kilometres for years before I took up my three month residence here and had long looked askance at the lycra clad creatures who have invaded Brisbane roads to cycle in large groups from coffee shop to coffee shop. But a few weeks of slogging across the city every day in 35 degree Celsius heat persuaded me it was time to buy wheels.

The public bicycle rental scheme, Sevici, is excellent and cheap, but for 155 euro I purchased the convenience of being able to leap on my own bicycle anywhere at anytime. I ride to the Academy twice a day, to my practice studio, to do my shopping and all over Seville at any hour of the night to see shows (some performance don’t start before 11pm). On weekends I use it to explore the nooks and crannies of this beautiful city.

Yes, there are thieves here who knick bicycles, wheels, and anything detachable, but so far with the help of a very sturdy lockable chain it hasn’t happened to me.

A nice secondary benefit I discovered after a few weeks of this is a rather more toned rear end so I shall be particularly sad to say goodbye to my bicycle in December!







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