Some of my favourite things about Seville: #3 Puente de Triana

28 Oct

Dancing to Flamenco music, particularly Alegrias, I frequently heard reference to the beauty of Triana and the Triana Bridge in particular but it meant nothing to me personally. In Flamenco it seemed to have achieved an almost Brigadoon status as a magical portal to a happier place.

Now I’ve had the pleasure of walking or cycling over the bridge on average once a day for two months I fully concur. The 19th century Triana Bridge, more properly known as the Isabel II Bridge, now rates as one of my most beloved places in the world and I never see it without my spirits lifting. Its graceful lines, lighting and symmetry are inspired by the Parisian Carrousel Bridge. In the morning mist it is moody, in the afternoon it is alive with all sorts of water sports and even swimmers, and at night, ah at night, especially with a full moon….. If you don’t find Triana romantic at night call the undertaker because you have no heartbeat!

Sometimes I get off my bicycle and walk to try to prolong the pleasure of the experience. I like to see the smiles on the faces of the tourists when they are hit with the impact of the view from Triana for the first time and often end up taking photos for couples.

The custom is to attach a padlock inscribed with the lovers’ names onto the ironwork of the bridge. Whole families of locks are affixed, big pappa, middle sized mamma plus baby locks. I find it touching but not everyone agrees. One time I overheard a middle-aged North American couple opining about this custom. ‘They think a stupid lock is going to make any difference’, said she, followed by sarcastic laughter from him and a comment about the current divorce rate. But doesn’t love seek symbolism? Why else do we wear wedding rings?

One of my last acts in Seville will be to place my own inscribed locks on the Triana Bridge with a vow to return soon. ‘Ti ri ti tran tran, ti ri ti tran tran tran…’.










One Response to “Some of my favourite things about Seville: #3 Puente de Triana”

  1. Sebastian Sanchez November 1, 2011 at 9:55 am #

    Couldn’t have explained the sensation you feel walking the Triana bridge…especially the sunsets. Lovely blog post Sharon. I felt transported! besos x

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