¡Ole ‘El Trini’!

2 Dec

It may be that I am writing this a little under the influence but if that is the case I call upon the Hemmingway defence. I am sure the man never lifted a pen without at least two stiff drinks in him.

It’s well after midnight and I’ve just cycled home dodging garbage trucks and their nimble sanitation officers hanging off the back, dayglo orange clad street sweepers and a gaggle of roller bladers. Tuesday night is exercise night for many Sevillanos and they strap on the skates or go jogging before retiring swiftly to a bar to drink and attempt staying upright with varying degrees of success.

This was my last night at the ‘T’, the Taverna de Triano bar and restaurant, a flamenco institution on the Triana side of the riverbank of Seville. On the bill were two staples, Paco ‘El Trini’ Trinidad singing and Fyty Carillo on guitar, with a pair of dancers new to me, Irene ‘La Seranilla’ and Jose Candela. The dancers were clearly a couple judging from their fetching colour coordinated costumes and tight clinches in the opening Sevillanas dance.

All the artists acquitted themselves well, especially Irene (see for yourself in the video), but what set me pondering and prompted this blog was watching El Trini.

Just how is it that a man who looks like he should be auditioning for a part as Toad of Toad Hall has only to open his mouth and force air over his vocal chords to reduce me to a blubbering mess? Bloody hell, I can’t even understand most of the words!

I have heard many, many singers in the past three months here in Andalucia, but the one I would pick if it were ever to be me up on stage dancing would be Trini. He is there for all the performers 110 per cent and never seems to have an off night. I’ve heard him sing for us at 10:30am in class with Manuel and at 11:30pm on the same day and he has been just as enthusiastic both times.

Señor Trini, you are a legend in your own lifetime and I salute you!

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