Cadiz Cuisine: some memorable meals later…

13 Mar

Much as I love Jerez food it’s refreshing to choose from the wider options of Cadiz restaurants and cafes. If you like seafood you’ll be in heaven. Menus have pages of different grilled/baked/fried fresh fish and shell fish dishes. And if, like me, you’re vegetarian you’ll still eat very well in the tapas and racion offerings.

Our hotel night manager, Isabel, recommended a Japanese restaurant, Nippon, at 7 Calle Viejo Murguia, but it was closed Sunday night. Instead we stumbled on Capriccio Italiano Restaurant and Bar at 21 Calle Enrique de las Marinas. This new enterprise is run by a Sicilian-Spanish family. Stuart and I had a fork fight over the starter of baked stuffed rolls of aubergine with a piquant fresh tomato and cheese sauce. The rest of the meal and the wine was equally good. Makes us look forward even more to our Sicilian motorcycle sojourn in July! That’s chef in the photo with our waiter wearing his trademark Sicilian cap.

We’ve eaten and drunk our way through our share of good tapas and Spanish wine too, especially at Show De Tapas, where the bartender introduced us to two excellent wines from Ribero Del Duero – Carramimbre Roble (Tinta Del Pais and Cabernet Sauvignon) and Matarromera (100%Tempranillo).

Prices are ridiculously low compared to Australia. At the trendy Theatre Cafe our two sherries, two toasted queso curado rolls and a plate of green olives cost what one glass of ordinary wine would in Brisbane.

Cadiz grows on you with each visit and its tentacles are wrapped around my heart. I fervently hope 2012-2013, the celebratory year marking 200 years since the signing of the Spanish Constitution in Cadiz, helps the city weather the economic tsunami engulfing Spain. This proud, beautiful city with its rich artistic tradition has such a lot to offer. I would love to come back for the fantastic shows they have lined up – Sara Baras, Pasion Vega and Jose Merce to name just a few between now and the end of May.

The latter photos are taken in Hotel Argantonio, a real treasure, close to Plaza España. Their buffet breakfast is sumptious and it was lovely to be able to get a really good cup of tea while Stu was working and I was noodling around on wifi in the lobby lounge. They have a small rooftop terrace that’s perfect for yoga or just chilling with a drink at sunset.






















3 Responses to “Cadiz Cuisine: some memorable meals later…”

  1. Simone Pope March 14, 2012 at 1:26 pm #

    Sharon I’m loving your posts! Every time I find the time to read one I don’t find the time to thank you. I feel like I’m almost there and I know how hard it is to find the time to write so I admire your organisation/motivation! The Jerez Festival was one not to miss by the sounds. I only hope I get to catch some of the shows elsewhere. Linan is amongst my faves, i could watch him all day! he has come so far, I remember back in Amor de dios in about 99? when he was just emerging as a talented advanced student. wow. anyway, I feel like you’re just over there. Buen aproveche!!! Sim xx

    • Sharon Tickle March 14, 2012 at 2:54 pm #

      Gracias a ti for introducing me to Jerez Sim! Yes, it was a consistently good year for Compañia and Villamarta shows (really only one I would not choose to watch again and that is just a matter of personal taste) and I don’t know how they get so many of the best artists to teach the classes. The line up was incredible and I didn’t hear a single negative comment about any of them.

      Fingers crossed Jerez can pull it off again next year and I hope to see you and more of my Aussie buddies there again. I think I was the sole Australian representative there for the two weeks this year.

      Besitos, Sxx

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