Your Woman in Wimbledon: Day Nine

4 Jul

Men’s quarterfinals day was a day for us to regroup. We made hard decisions last night about our homeward journey and today booked flights. Stuart is still not 100 per cent healthy despite two weeks of antibiotics. This puts him out of our weeklong sailing trip on the Provident which sets sail the weekend after next from Devon across the channel to Brittany and back, weather permitting.

After Wimbledon wraps we’ll have a few days on the south coast together before he flies home to Brisbane. I’ll do the trip and head home to Brisbane afterwards with a stopover in Melbourne to have time with family.

Whatever minor health issues we’ve dealt with this year my sister Maria’s makes them pale into insignificance. She lives and works in Melbourne as an ABC Radio National radio producer and has two young children. Surgery to remove a large benign tumour from her auditory canal in April went well but the recovery from such an invasive procedure (they go through the skull behind the ear) is long and complicated. Deafness and no tear production in the ear affected, balance issues, and tinnitus are just three of them.

Funny isn’t it. You can have great longevity genes, do all the right things for your health, and still get clobbered out of the blue.

We were glued to today’s men’s singles matches at home and down at the Crooked Billet. The Wimbledon app allows you to follow the scores on all the matches live so I switched between my ipad and two screens. Here is a screen shot of today’s quarterfinal results.

The app is content rich, especially with images.

I must have screamed with a million others when Juan Martin Del Potro slid on centre court then rolled into a world of pain in the very first game. How he came back to win against energiser bunny David Ferrer will be talked about for decades. Juan Martin said he took anti-inflammatories and painkillers. Would love to know what they were!

On court one my favourite to win the men’s singles, Novak Djokovic, also slid into victory. His splits today were worthy of a Folies Berger dancer. His only discernible weakness is his serve.

And our pick for suprise upset of the men’s competition since we saw him in the second round, Jerzy Janowicz, continued to steam roll his way to the final. I’ve never seen a winner look so upset during their post match interview while repeating, ‘I am so happy’.

Back on centre court I was backing Fernando Verdasco against Andy Murray (what straight woman would not love him for his hair alone) and got very excited when Fernando went two sets up. Andy played a cautious -read boring- match until the final set. Murray is still a huge sulker and his second serve is hopeless. The smile Verdasco flashed Murray when they shook hands spoke volumes for what a nice guy Fernando is.

This week is moving fast towards Super Sport Saturday. So much sport, so little time. Wimbledon tennis, Lions V Wallabies decider in Sydney, Tour de France, Henley day four, and Formula One at Nurburgring. It’s just as well we don’t follow cricket or we’d have to stay on, The Ashes starts here July 10!

Screenshot of content locaters at Wimbledon.

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