The Ten Step Quick and Dirty Way to Make a Flamenco Dance Floor!

15 Aug

Our DIY project tonight was to create a decent-sized, nice sounding flamenco dance practice floor on top of the bamboo flooring in my home studio. I took advice from my Brisbane teacher, Simone Pope, then went shopping. I also enlisted the help of my husband. This is definitely a two person job. Allow an hour and a half.

The materials and tools we used:

1) Three sheets of Bunnings Yellow Tongue MDF (has a plastice tongue in groove stripe on joining sides) 180cms x 91cms to create a dance floor measuring 274 cms x 180cms.
2) Seven metres of Carpet Call’s Instalay, reconstituted black rubber underlay sheeting that has a paper covered adhesive side.
3) Remnant of linoleum flooring from Carpet Call (lino is four metres wide).
4) Heavy duty double-sided adhesive tape.
5) Large scissors.
6) Tradies three metre metal retractable measuring tape.
7) Wooden mallet.
8) Stanley knife.
9) Pen.

Step One: Cut the Instalay to size for each sheet of Yellow Tongue.
Step Two: Carefully peel back the paper backing on the Instalay and attach the sticky side of Instalay to the soft side of each Yellow Tongue board. The Instalay side of the board will go onto the existing flooring to provide a cushioned, sound absorbing layer under the Yellow Tongue.
Step Three: Carefully turn boards Instalay side down (be careful the Instalay doesn’t lift or buckle) and lay them side by side.
Step Four: Assemble the three boards by slotting the plastic tongue into the plastic groove and push the boards close together, one at a time, using the mallet to strike carefully against the side of the board (we could not achieve this just using our hands).
Step Five: Lay the linoleum wrong side up and draw guiding cut lines along the edges of the assembled boards with a little overhang.
Step Six: Using large scissors cut the linoleum along guide lines.
Step Seven: Attach the double-sided adhesive tape to the corners and along the edges of the boards.
Step Eight: Turn the linoleum right side up, centre it and lay it carefully on the boards then smooth the linoleum from the centre outwards.
Step Nine: Trim the edges neatly with the Stanley knife.
Step Ten: Dance!

Total cost $320.

All that’s missing from my lovely studio are the wall mirrors. I’m leaving those to the professionals to install next week.

The Yellow Tongue Boards.

Peel and stick Instalay.

Stu is ace at trimming.

A completed board ready to assemble.

Boards assembled.

Sizing the lino to cut.

Finished floor.

Let’s dance!

Gracias Sim, Stu and Shane at Carpet Call, Alderley.

4 Responses to “The Ten Step Quick and Dirty Way to Make a Flamenco Dance Floor!”

  1. Teresa F. September 17, 2013 at 5:42 pm #

    Thanks for the tips! May I suggest to anyone out there looking for cheap but decent dance mirrors – go on craigslist in your area – there are usually people remodeling bathrooms and big mirrors they want to unload for $25-35 US. Huge mirrors, so you’ll need a friend’s van to transport, but way way cheaper than the professional ones. I propped mine up with a carpet remnant folded over a few times so it won’t slip but is padded 🙂

    • Sharon Tickle September 17, 2013 at 10:06 pm #

      Great idea Teresa!

      The Australian equivalent of Craig’s List is Gum Tree and we also have Ziilch which is all free stuff.

      Happy dancing!


  2. Carla W October 22, 2016 at 6:54 am #

    This is just what I was looking for. Thanks for the great info!

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