Granada: Grin and Bear It

25 Feb

It was bound to happen some time during our two week stay in the Granada apartment but the timing couldn’t have been worse. Our second sunny lunch on the tiny front terrace after too many grey days.

The apartment has excellent security, so much so that you need keys to exit the terrace gate to the street. Inevitably in the midst of ferrying lunch to the terrace table and with Stuart kicking back and getting some rays (remember he is walking on a need to basis still), the only access door to the apartment suddenly blew shut trapping us on the terrace. Couldn’t get out, couldn’t get in, with soup cooking on the stove. No mobile phone and no neighbours at home. Aaaaaarggggh!!!!

No other option but to heave myself up and over a rather high wall to drop three metres down the other side in slip on shoes then run down to the office hoping like hell someone was there with a spare set of keys. The ever calm Monica was in reception. I retrieved spare keys, bolted back up the hill and got us back inside before we burnt the apartment down. Whew!

Stu keeping warm inside.
Apart from this little incident the final week was smooth sailing. Stuart’s sister Catharine made a flying visit which was lovely as we had her company for two evenings out, including an excellent flamenco tablao with dinner at Les Jardines Zoraya, and Stuart and Catharine visited the Alhambra. Sadly it was on a very wet and cold day but it was wonderful that she could come out from London.

Catharine’s first Granada tapas with gas heating.

The siblings outside our apartment.

And at the tablao.

Irene Marina and Jose Cortes Pirata

Stephanie Martinez

Stephanie again with dancer Jose Cortez doing palmas.

I finally had the energy between classes one afternoon to walk to the very top of the hill behind our house, past the cave dwellers. Some were busy creating an edible garden from reclaimed dirt. The large church-like building turned out to be a rather grim reform school surrounded by high walls. As I climbed towards it I could see musicians on the viewpoint and thought they were the inevitable buskers. Instead they were an accomplished musical duo, Hegocoak, in the midst of shooting a music video. Magical moment.

Part way up the hill.

Home sweet cave.



Our street.

Reform school school ‘art’


To relieve the cold and damp and aching muscles from daily classes I bought us a 108 euro voucher for four passes with four 30 minute massages at the Baños Arabes, the oldest working baths in Spain. Good value.




Signs of spring!

Reez, a gorgeous local artisan glass shop

Gracias Profesora Pilar Fajardo

Gacias Profesora Maricarmen Guerrero

Adios nos companeros!

Granada to Jerez






!Hola Jerez!

3 Responses to “Granada: Grin and Bear It”

  1. February 25, 2014 at 5:53 pm #

    HOla Sharon,

    Hope you enjoy Jerez! Festival this year looks like a good one.

    Also hope you can drop in on Cadiz!!! They are finally re-opening the roman theater in “the oldest neighborhood in Europe”. Also, Pena Juan Villar near La Caleta beach has regular shows on Fridays.

    cheers, -ig

  2. Michelle Noble February 26, 2014 at 9:13 am #

    Dear Stu and Sharon. Reminds me of the time Bryan got locked out on the 3rd floor balcony of the chalet we ran in Meribel. He was wearing only shorts and tshirt. The first I knew about it was when I saw him shinning down the drainpipe! He was frozen……
    Glad you managed to get back in. But you know what…you never know what physical skills are required!!!
    Sorry I wasn’t able to catch up with you in Grenada. We are busy with school holiday guests at present. Weird weather. Yesterday we were out on our bikes and today it’s snowing again.
    Love your photos and the one of the fountain reminds me of your Moroccan water feature that you had delivered to Oz!
    Enjoy the rest of your trip in Spain.
    Love M&B.xx

    • Sharon Tickle Tickle February 26, 2014 at 9:35 pm #

      Hi Michelle,

      Now I have a mental picture of Bryan frozen to a drainpipe! How funny these things are in retrospect. I think Stuart secretly loved being able to sit there while huffed and puffed my way over the wall.

      Please save some snow for us for a week’s time!


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