Another Day in Paradise: La Gomera Mountain Biking

16 Jan

Everyone has their own definition of physical ‘old age’. Stuart’s and my shared definition of ‘old age’ is when we can no longer enjoy mountain biking together. Sure lungs, shoulders and legs complain, and we need cushioned chairs to sit on today, but adrenalin highs more than compensate.

Neither of us had been mountain biking for over a year but we never pass up a chance when travelling and in La Gomera that chance arose.

Jesus Mora Mendoza, the other minivan driver for La Gomera Walking, runs a side business organising mountain biking trips. At midday he collected us from Playa Santiago with four high quality mountain bikes stacked on a trailer and transferred us up to Igualero in the centre of the island.

Our guide for the day was thirty-something local archaelogist, Mario. The other cyclist was a scarily fit Norwegian vintner and hotelier Roald, who has an apartment on La Gomera and knows it well.

A stony route route took us up to revisit the highest point of the island, Alto de Garajonay, before descending along fire trails where forestry workers were cutting back potential forest fire fuel.

We then ascended past the main reservoir and into the forest again before joining a main road to loop back to Alajero.


Clemente’s Restaurant and a beer/coffee on the patio in the sunshine was well earned.


Mario had one more trick up his sleeve though. A ten minute detour to Targa finished on a dirt trail that led us to the most spectacular panoramic lookout point yet.

The only other creatures within cooee were sheep. This is a place to return to again and again.

The steep, curvy road cycle descent to Playa Santiago was thrilling, hands and feet completely numb, but I was grinning ear to ear. For four hours we were carefree kids again!

(As with all my blog posts, I received no discounts or inducements by suppliers mentioned. All opinions expressed are honestly held.)

Contact Jesus at +34 629234900


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