Edinburgh Flashbacks

15 Feb

Edinburgh rewards the frequent visitor. Seeing the city in a different season, light or time of day uncovers new sensations and sights.

And in the week before the Six Nations rugby match between Scotland and Wales we had the opportunity for plenty of player spotting. Some of the team stayed across the road but Richie Grey and his girlfriend stayed in our apartment building. Stuart spotted them in the elevator. At six foot ten inches/2.08 metres Richie had to bend down to get out. That is one man mountain!


An excited group of study abroad students gather atop Waverley Station.

Most days a kilted busking piper takes up this spot in front of Scott’s Monument. Our favourite game in Edinburgh was the daily kilt count. The highest we reached last week was four. I know, there should be more!

Rose Street of course.

And always the Castle looms over all.

A highly stage managed enviro shoot.

Fredericks (no apostrophe) Coffee Shop on Frederick Street is the place to pitch services, interview job applicants, work, and in our case, have coffee and cake in a sunny window. Shame about the silk orchids.


Nice to have an excuse to shop in homewares – some cushions as an engagement gift for Tristan and Jenny.

And on our final night ‘Swan Lake’ at The Playhouse, a xmas gift from Tristan and Jenny.


Curtain call by half the company of the Russian State Ballet of Siberia. We think the rest were already in the pub. Odette/Odile was wonderful and the corps were competent. No comment on the rest.

IMG_6302Picnic lunchtime view from the rooftop terrace of the Princes Street Suites. We’ll be back for summer evening cocktails!

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