Deep Peace in the Australian Countryside

20 Jul

We’re leaving this place in four days, too soon for me, not soon enough for Stuart. Oh, he likes aspects of country life, but he’s never felt fully comfortable on the farm and he certainly doesn’t like staying here on his own. Mother concluded he really is not a country boy. Not surprising really since this is not his country.  

As for me I love it, for so many reasons. I’ve discovered things about myself I didn’t expect. One is how much I like chooks. If I actually ate eggs there might be a day when I became the equivalent of a ‘cat lady’, doting over a brood of chooks. Roosters on the other hand are simply rapists. A necessary evil in the poultry world.

Another is how easy it was to disconnect from television and radio. I miss instant access to Radio National but the TV not at all. So much hype, crap and trivia. No major news event has passed me by, a weekend paper and occasional online news read is plenty! 

Sitting on the verandah with a cup of tea watching the natural world do what it’s done for millenia I start to notice the small things. A long legged grey heron far from its habitat cautiously pacing past the cabins. Looks like John Cleese in bird form. Wind in the long grass on the far sunlit hill makes hypnotic waves. The resident pair of ducks that come and go from the dam take flight, flashing underwings tipped in the deepest blue.

Most of all I relish the deep quiet of these black, black starry nights. A quiet that allows you to identify distant song birds and hear cattle munching in the back paddock. Everyone who has stayed overnight mentions how well they sleep. I believe it’s the silence and clean air. Balm for the soul. 

The outdoor shower has been such a hit we’re stealing the idea for our house build and adding an outdoor bath.

A heartfelt thanks to my dear friend Laurel who let us share her country home. You have a special place here.

This week Stuart is staying up in Brisbane to finalise his business merger. Yes, he will be virtually retired from Wednesday. Yippee and congratulations!

I have one last night of blessed peace on my own before an Italian flamenco friend arrives for a couple of days sightseeing. That leaves the weekend to pack up and ship off. The next post will be deep from the heart of England, home to Austen, Elgar, Sargent and Shakespeare, to name a few cultural icons of The Cotswolds. 


  PS If you want to lose yourself in a book read ‘H is for Hawk’, by Helen Macdonald. Wondrous writing. 

3 Responses to “Deep Peace in the Australian Countryside”

  1. Michelle July 22, 2015 at 10:07 am #

    Sounds idyllic Sharon. One small question relating to a photo here – what’s with the person in sheep’s clothing?????
    Enjoy the next few days with your friend. Safe journey to the UK – the weather has been fabulous in Europe, if a tad too warm here in the Alps with 32C in the shade and 42C in the sun! And many congrats to Stuart on upcoming retirement….
    Love and best wishes from us both. M&B.xx

    • Sharon Tickle July 22, 2015 at 11:58 pm #

      Michelle, I think you spotted my niece, Ivy, tormenting the chooks!

    • Sharon Tickle July 23, 2015 at 12:01 am #

      Ooops that posted before I was finished. Meant to thank you for your good wishes Michelle. We are so lucky being able to stay in touch on opposite sides of the world. Sxx

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