Innsbruck, Austria: PTSD Therapy

16 Mar

Innsbruck was a balm to our wounded psyches. Only a night and a morning but oh, what a difference it makes to be amongst affable, polite Austrians. I counted four ‘Bitte schön’ from staff in our Innsbruck breakfast cafe, and that was just to me! It will be a long time before we can cope with German skiers en masse again. 

We highly recommend Adler Hotel near Innsbruck’s old town and a short walk from the train station. It’s minimalist contemporary style, but they understand travellers’ needs well and offer excellent value for money. The 12th floor bar and cafe have wrap around views with a glassed view of the snowy mountains to the north, as well as an open terrace bar view west to watch the setting sun turn the mountain range gold.  

  View from Adler Hotel bar. Hotel room morning view.

I’ll let the following photos speak for themselves but must mention Reformstark Martin, a business that’s been helping Austrians live healthier lives for over 100 years. The branch down the road from our hotel has a vegie cafetaria and store of health products. I stocked up on natural cosmetics, Dr Hauschka, Dr Grandl and Sante plus toiletries as my makeup bag went AWOL on a BA flight (must have fallen out of my backpack in the overhead locker and I didn’t see it when I deplaned). We also bought takeway vegan salads for our Innsbruck-Vienna train journey. 




 Our positive experience continued with the train journey. OBB train company has new, comfortable wifi enabled carriages and great service for very reasonable rates. Stuart splurged on first class business for the princely sum of 34 euros each. Complimentary large beer, comfy window seats looking on to a snow frosted landscape, bread and berry pudding with custard (for Stuart) and smiling service, what more could you want? OBB even have several vegan options on their extensive menu. We arrived in Vienna in good humour and well rested. 

We’ve had a happy time here too but will save the Vienna snaps until we return from India as we’re leaving our winter sports gear and heavy coats etc. at our Vienna hotel to collect on our return from warmer climes. I will tease you however with a view of our opera box from last night’s performance of Strauss’ “A Night in Venice”. Best view of the orchestra ever!


4 Responses to “Innsbruck, Austria: PTSD Therapy”

  1. trevor willis March 16, 2016 at 11:12 pm #

    We have over 7000 photos from our various trips. You will have many more. Problem is sorting out the shots that everyone wants to see. Good luck and keep on enjoying. t xx

    • Sharon Tickle March 17, 2016 at 8:11 am #

      Nice problem to have hey Trev!? I have copies of all our photos from our four devices stored on dropbox. One advantage is I can just email a link for selected photos to people. A flat bound themed photo book is nice too. Memento does an online one I like. Need a PC to do it but simple to use software and high quality product. Ciao and love to Marg. Sxx

  2. I absolutely love Innsbruck, and I would have had a tough time leaving the hotel if I’d had a view like that!

    • Sharon Tickle March 26, 2016 at 11:33 am #

      We plan to go back to Austria Becky when the no smoking rule comes in – May 2018….

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