Sounds and Sights of Vienna, Austria

9 Apr

It would be hard to find a greater contrast than that between rural India and downtown Vienna.   

This was one reason we chose Vienna as our launch and re-entry point for the India trip.

Clean, well-organised, with affordable, efficient public transport, a truly civil society and rich culture both old world and contemporary, make Vienna a traveller’s delight. And an ideal place to chill after the relative rigours of Rajasthan.   

   Even the Austrian mania for smoking is attenuated in Vienna since many cafes and restaurants voluntarily ban smoking inside. 


We spent two nights here prior to the Delhi flight and two nights on our return. La Prima Fashion Hotel is five minutes walk from a main metro stop and run by possibly the sweetest staff we have ever encountered. They took care of our excess belongings and us with great diligence.

We had plenty of time to attend a Strauss opera, ‘A Night in Venice’ at the Volksoper, take in an English language movie (the Coen Brothers’ very clever ‘Hail Caesar’), sample the beer stubes and fine cafes, window shop (why the fascination still with wearing dead animal skins?), and wander amongst the treasures (many of them plundered) of the Kunst Historiches Museum. 

These are a few of our favourite things. 

 Thank you for the music Mozart! 


 Perfect seats in our own box above the orchestra pit. 

 Delicious Tibetan food in lovely surroundings opposite the Volksoper. 

 This dental health clinic set up in the street opposite our hotel one day a week. Neat. 

   Love the irony of the beer bottle right by the bin and the admonishments about acceptable behaviour in the metro. 

 Vienna Cathedral 

 I couldn’t capture it but there is an exquisite, white lace cloth hanging in front of the altar that looks like a ghost in some lights and at certain angles. 
 An exceptional casual bar-resto Gastwirtschaft located behind the cathedral and staffed by ever smiling Gat and Omer and co. Their whole cauliflower and broccoli and melt in your mouth pita bread are so out of this world we went twice.


The iconic Hotel Sacher, Viennese home to the rich, royal, famous and infamous, and birthplace of the one and only original Sacher Torte. 

 The cafe of the Kunst Historiches Museum. 


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