Adios Sevilla, Hola Jerez!

23 Feb

I’m early for my final evening bulerias class at A Dos. Cristina Hall is teaching intermediate bulerias por solea and it looks tricky! (Check out her fan work in her fan work in guajiras.)She took over from Irene ‘La Siento’ for the final two nights of classes as Irene has a festival gig in Israel. I hope the chance comes up to dance with Irene again, she has such a joie de vivre and feminine style. (With Irene below.)

US-born Cristina is tiny, slight but strong and very quick with her remates. Unfortunately they’re the kind I can just about do in class, but could never successfully execute dancing for fin de fiesta. This is her biog. Impressive.


I am winding down to my departure by train for Jerez and the Flamenco Festival tomorrow after Manuel’s Caracoles class. We have two letres of choreography, most of which I am comfortable with. Our singer for four of the classes has been Manuel Soto. It’s a totally different dance once he starts singing, I have to mentally switch him off a little or I’d just stop and listen to him.Miguel Perez (L) & Manuel Soto (R) 

The bicycle has been returned to Eduardo at Triana Cycles. He gave me a fair price so we’re both happy.


Probably the person, besides my flamenco friends here, that I am saddest to say goodbye to is the best massage therapist I have experienced for years (thank you Cathy for recommending him).


Alberto’s business is called Namaste Massage and he’s located on the town side of the Triana Bridge. When Alberto started working on my shoulder knots three weeks ago they were nasty balls of tight gristle. Three massages later they’re much more relaxed and my neck is looser too.


Besides his magic hands he is also a sweet, positive person. 


I have stayed alcohol free and have also quit caffeine and salt. That’s it folks, no further bad habits. I do miss the morning coffee jump start, but I’m curious to see how I feel once the caffeine is completely out of my system. My immune system must be pretty robust as I still haven’t caught the bugs going around (touch wood).


I leave Seville as the city is gearing up for the long weekend holiday for Andalusia Day. They’ve ramped up classes for sevillanas at the community centre and I hear them practicing with castenets as I walk by the open windows.


But the siren song of Jerez is strong and I am in its thrall. ¡Hasta la proxima Sevilla!

I leave you with some shots of my final Seville show last night at Casa de la Memoria. It was a beauty, with David Perez and Marina Valiente dancing, Jeromo Seguro and Andres Fernandez singing and the tall Dutchman, Tino playing guitar. Tino’s solo was a brand new piece he composed ‘for someone I haven’t met yet’. He recently learned he was going to be a father.

2 Responses to “Adios Sevilla, Hola Jerez!”

  1. Heather February 23, 2017 at 10:41 pm #

    Hi Sharon
    Well done and we are also caffeine and alcohol free for now too. Aren’t we good but for how long eh?

    • Sharon Tickle February 23, 2017 at 11:11 pm #

      Yes you are, well done H & G! I think every little bit helps. Takes the load off the detoxing organs for a start! Sxx

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